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(As you’ve probably already realized, we produce all types of work for all types of clients!)

Design & Print

Our graphic design is attractive, intriguing and always supportive of your brand.

Great graphic design takes more than just picking a cool font and creating an innovative layout. It begins with analyzing and understanding the intentions of our clients. Whether we’re working with a start-up or an international corporation, the graphics we design are created to fulfill a communications strategy to help our clients achieve a specific goal. We also ensure that every project element – from logos and collateral to digital communications and environmental graphics is – consistent with their brand. Check out some of our work here.

Digital & Websites

We do more than just design websites; we boost site traffic and build customer loyalty.

As consumers turn to technology and the internet more and more for buying information and experiences, it is vital to have a solid well branded footprint on the web. Your website is key not only to attracting new customers, but to deepening ongoing relationships with the clients you already have. Our websites meet the latest industry standards and use cutting-edge techniques to increase SEO (search engine optimization). Plus, Crux offers affordable monthly maintenance programs to maximize the effectiveness of your website with frequent updates and creative additions. We pride ourselves and our relationships. We partner with a Google Certified Agency on many websites to assure the best web practices are engaged. Learn more about our WEBSITE DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT services.

Branded Environments

We’ve been creating environments that allow visitors to experience client brands in 360 degrees for over two decades.

Crux was founded as a company specializing in experiential graphics, graphic design, 3D, interactives, way-finding, signage and identity systems. So exploiting physical space to enhance a customer experience and reflect a brand that delivers key messaging is in our DNA. Check out some of our work here.

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Social Media

We help you benefit from the most important development in mass communications since radio – social media.

In the 1920s, radio allowed advertisers to reach a mass market instantly for the first time. Moreover, it allowed products to be pitched by celebrities, jingles, dramas and other entertainment formats. Today the internet is revolutionizing marketing in a similar way by adding a dynamic new element to customer relationships – social media. Crux Creative can help you make the most of this uniquely interactive communications platform by creating, branding and maintaining social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and many others), writing company blogs and encouraging company employees to become pro-active advocates of your brand. Ask about our customized social media support programs today. Check out some of our work here.


We use our imagination, intelligence and talent to create what every client wants most – more sales.

We always start the creative process by building a strategy based on credible market research. Once we know what matters most to the consumer, where they’re most likely to look for new product information and any emotional associations they may have with the client’s product or service, we’ve got the building blocks of a winning marketing approach. The simple truth is, whatever our client makes or does, the ultimate test of a successful marketing campaign isn’t how creative it is, but how much business it generates. We partner with a Google Certified Agency on many of our web marketing solutions to provide the best return on your dollars spent. Check out some of our work here.

Public Relations

At Crux, we know how to use PR and advertising to support and enhance each other.

Marketers all too often overlook or misconstrue the power of public relations. Sometimes they see it as a rival to advertising. Other times as a “free” echo. It is neither. Good PR not only should support the claims made by a client’s advertising, but also deepen the connection consumers have with the company as well as the product. We’d love to talk to you about how Crux can do that for you. Check out some of our work here.


We share our expertise with you and others in every way we can.

The way we see it – marketing is a team sport. So is creative communications. And, we love doing both. Offering presentations in how to get more out of a trade show or a workshop in how to use social media more effectively is our way of giving back to our clients, our industry and the community at large.So if you’d like us to come in and coach your staff on how to make your marketing and public relations communications more effective, we’d be delighted to do so. Just give us a call anytime. Check out some of our work here.

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