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We are a boutique creative and marketing agency in the heart of Milwaukee. Our passion is to partner with great clients to deliver results-driven strategies and innovative concepts with an unmatched creative bandwidth.

In today’s globally competitive landscape, establishing consumer relationships grows more challenging every day. With the explosion of digital media and the constant barrage of instant information, connecting with your markets is harder than ever before.
Whether you’re a small business, corporation, non-profit or museum, our well-honed creativity combined with our strategy and marketing expertise will strengthen your brand and deliver the very story that resonates with your audience most.

Our 360° Approach

Brand Development

Confession time. We’re dynamite at developing amazing logos and taglines. But when it comes to branding, those are just the cherry on top. A brand – your brand – is every interaction you have with your customer. As a Creative Marketing and Design Agency, we’ll help you develop a brand that meets and exceeds the expectations of your audience.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has expanded beyond just a website. Our expertise in web design, SEO, PPC, social media, email marketing and blogs will get you unstoppable results. We’ll determine which of these services offer you the best ROI and turn brand users into brand advocates.

Experiential Marketing

We understand that successful trade show exhibit design is a delicate balance of form and function. You need an exhibit design that encourages meaningful conversations between visitors and sales people and imprints your brand on the memory banks of customers and vendors alike.

Experiential Environments

We love developing innovative interactive experiences and solutions to help promote your brand, event or exhibit. Crux has decades of experience in creating unforgettable experiences. We provide interactives with cutting-edge technology solutions for museums, retail, restaurants and much, much more.
We are passionate about creating and delivering stories in any application. Whether a museum, non-profit or corporation we ensure that your clients experience your vision and mission. From a corporate environment, donor wall, history wall, or museum exhibit, we focus on one thing: helping you tell stories that drive passion and emotion.

You have a story to tell.

We’ll reveal the authenticity, relevance and emotional impact of yours everywhere its told.