In the past few decades, we’ve seen the rise and fall of so many social media platforms, it can seem hard to keep up. The days of MySpace are long gone but we’ve also seen the disappearance of Vine, Friendster, and now the impending end of Google+. Facebook usage has declined since 2017 as Instagram becomes more ubiquitous. Trends are constantly shifting and success in social marketing is a moving target. Staying relevant can seem daunting. So how do you keep up?

1. Experiment with New Features

Dynamic Social Media platforms continuously expand their platforms. Instagram and Snapchat added Stories. IGTV was revolutionary. Surely, not every feature will last forever (think Facebook Pokes). But some will, and the companies who have a presence there get noticed.

2. Utilize Video Content

Video Content stands out in a feed. It grabs the viewers’ attention. The average watch time for videos is around 10 seconds, but the average amount of time looking at static ads is just 2 seconds. Video content doesn’t have to be complicated; utilize Boomerang or simple online editing tools to create short videos to add to your advertising.

3. Post on Multiple Platforms

You’ll reach different audiences on different platforms, and you can also showcase different types of content more effectively. Having a diverse social media portfolio is also an easy way to support your business’s brand and can increase SEO.

Social media is more than an excellent tool; it is many excellent tools. Spending time on social platforms and following upcoming changes can only help you succeed in utilizing them. Spend time getting to know the sites, make sure your content is dynamic and engaging, and post across platforms to not only keep up but get ahead! If you still need a little help, let us know here!

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