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5 Rules from a Digital Marketing Agency

Unsurprisingly, some of the most important marketing channels in 2023 are your social networks and your website. With digital marketing continuing to rule supreme— and continuing to be one of the most cost-effective, highest-yielding avenues— it is more important than ever that they are optimized and used effectively. Below are 5 rules to avoid easily sidestepped pitfalls from an experienced digital marketing agency.

1. Make sure your target audience is defined— and lay out a messaging map for them.
Ensure your content is doing the work it needs to by establishing and investigating your target audience. Ensure that the messaging you put out accurately addresses their needs and pain points. And be consistent in that messaging by developing a messaging map to focus on and highlight solutions to each of their problems.

2. Get that low-hanging fruit!
Don’t ignore or neglect the basics. Things like blog posts, a good-looking, functional website, SEO, and social posts work wonders. And many of this work can be addressed in-house by experts already on your team. These things are essential to content marketing and have the bonus of helping to establish your credibility.

3. Get (good) reviews.
Getting a few good Google reviews or testimonials from happy customers can do a lot to help build credibility, too. Asking customers to leave a positive review doesn’t have to be intimidating; most are happy to help. You can utilize customer surveys, develop an incentive program, or make feedback part of your sales process.

4. Be consistent.
Be intentional and consistent with your posting schedule. Posting regularly and keeping content fresh is a great way to build your reach and audience over time.

5. Analyze, adapt, adjust.
Digital marketing can sometimes feel like a moving target, but it is essential to continuously observe, revise, and alter course to improve reach and conversions. Don’t forget to check in on what’s working and falling short, and adjust your content plan accordingly.

Follow these rules to start building on your digital success, and if you need some help getting started, that is why we’re here; reach out to us today!


Lydia Andersen

I am an accomplished and well-rounded marketer with a strong history of achievement in high pressure opportunities, a change agent with the ability to analyze and solve business problems, identify causes and lead successful solutions from concept to creation, while maintaining impeccable customer experience, a branding aficionado with experience in both B2B and B2C marketing, and a champion of company culture, passionate about enjoying work, through committee leadership and by example.