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Is your Digital Marketing “Hot Stuff” or just “Poor Fish”? Digital marketing isn’t just about attention-grabbing design and sales-generating copy. Building web traffic is a science as well as an art. And it’s not for amateurs. Crux Creative helps you heat up your digital marketing campaigns to meet all your needs, now and in the future.
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Whether you’re selling consumer goods, offering business-to-business services, announcing your next trade show exhibit or museum opening – your digital marketing should be the hottest, most energetic element of your marketing strategy. After all, consumers of every demographic turn to the internet as their primary source for information on what to buy, where to buy it and how to get the best value when they do.

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We approach Digital Marketing using three distinct, yet interlocking Internet tools: Copy Content, Search Engine Marketing and Social Media. All of these elements work together to produce your ranking in a Search Engine Results Page (SERP). This is the list of sites that comes up in response to a particular word or phrase in a search engine. This list is influenced by several factors such as how relevant your content is to the topic of the search, expertise in SEO and the use of social media. We know how to integrate all of these factors to raise your ranking, your conversion rate and, as a result, your digital marketing ROI.

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Your website is your virtual storefront. Content, SEO techniques and social media may get visitors to your home page – but once they arrive, it’s your site’s visuals, content and ease of navigation that will close the sale.

We design sites that present your brand and corporate culture as well as your products and services in ways that will attract, interest and convert visitors into customers. Furthermore, we’ll work with you to develop blogs, updates and connections to your social media pages to encourage return visits and increased traffic every day.

Digital content comes in many forms including copywriting, graphic images, charts and video. But whatever the format, the information you share should always appeal to and connect with your preferred target market. At Crux we never take content – or copy – for granted. Instead, we make sure that every site we create reflects a client’s brand, mission and point of view, expressed in a voice that is uniquely their own.
Marketing and branding are critical to your exhibiting success. Pre-show planning and marketing can be the diifference of just being at the show and getting serious results at the show. Let us help you with everything from pre-show mailings, landing pages, to promotional items and collateral material. We can help you deliver your company’s expertise at the show, then help you create a post show plan to follow up on all those new leads after the show.
As we’ve mentioned before, your website is your virtual storefront. If it’s ever out of commission because of security issues or other problems, your business in the virtual world is, in effect, closed. That’s an inconvenience to current customers and, even worse, lost business if new visitors have come by. Crux keeps your site secure and functioning just as it should, 24/7. And if any problems do occur, we’ll make getting your site back up and running smoothly our top priority.
Many people claim to have SEO expertise. But the truth is, creating an effective SEO strategy demands a wide range of skill sets all its own. As part of our digital marketing services, we’ve developed an expert team of SEO specialists to deliver highly successful results for clients in every industry. Furthermore, these specialists keep up with the latest developments, trends and software for the benefit of our agency and, of course, our clients like you.
The secret of successful online selling is to attract the right customers for your products and services at the very moment they’re ready to buy. Using search engine marketing (SEM) techniques, we help you meet your sales goals and exceed your expectations by doing just that. Our SEM techniques include researching, planning and purchasing AdWords to maximize your position and reach. Then we carefully analyze your results on a regular basis to ensure you continue to get the biggest bang for every digital dollar.
Email campaigns, just like traditional hard copy ones, present an opportunity to connect with clients in a highly personal and persuasive way. Unfortunately, all too many of marketing firms treat email as if it’s digital junk mail. Not Crux. We develop mass mailings that are not only solid and well-planned but highly targeted to earn the best possible response from your target audience. Because no matter how many emails you send, every message is still representing one important brand – yours.
Marketing automation is the latest tool in optimizing the power of digital communications. At Crux our preferred marketing automation program is SharpSpring. Signing up for SharpSpring allows you to identify preferred customer targets even before you know their name. Then the system will tell you their buying history, special interests and other pertinent data to help create campaigns designed to turn potential customers into loyal users. With SharpSpring, we can create and send out dynamic content and targeted emails based on this information, creating sales funnels that narrow down prospects to exploit really hot leads.
One of the trade show expenses that is often overlooked is the cost to ship materials to and from shows and events. This one element alone can be the difference between enjoying positive ROI or blowing your annual budget. Since we receive discounts from major domestic and international parcel services, LTL, TL, direct-to-show and air shipment providers, we’ll pass these savings on to you to keep this necessary expenditure as low as possible.
Social Media isn’t just a marketing frill. It has become one of the most, if not THE most effective marketing tool in a company’s digital marketing tool kit. Although social media can function in some ways as traditional ads, billboards, brochures, commercials and other marketing formats – its real power lays in its interactivity and the ability of users to share it with others. The better your social media content, the more relevant it is to the interests of your customers, the more interesting it is to read, the more inbound links you’ll have going to your website and thus, higher SERPs in Google. Our social media strategies are designed to foster customer relationships, promote trust and, most importantly, increase confidence in your brand. So, when customers are ready to buy, they’ll be more likely go with the you, the company they trust, than any of your competitors..