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Digital Marketing

Is your digital marketing working for you or are you working for it? Digital marketing isn’t just about attention-grabbing design and sales-generating copy. It’s about engagement and driving new business. Using digital marketing build web traffic is a science as well an art, and it’s not for amateurs. Crux Creative is ready to use their 19 years of experience to heat up your digital marketing campaigns.

Our digital marketing expertise is red-hot!

Whether you are selling consumer goods, offering business-to-business services, announcing your next trade show exhibit, or museum opening your digital marketing should be the hottest, most energetic element of your marketing strategy. After all, consumers of every demographic turn to the Internet as their primary source for information and your digital marketing needs to bring the heat!

Ready to turn up the heat?

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We’ll turn up the heat with our innovative digital marketing strategies.


Crux Creative’s approach Digital Marketing using three distinct, yet interlocking Internet tools: Copy Content, Search Engine Marketing and Social Media. All of these elements work together to elevate your ranking in a Search Engine Results Page (SERP) like Google. Factors like content, expertise in SEO, and the your use of social media all influence where your company comes up on that search. Crux Creative knows how to integrate all of these factors to raise your ranking, your conversion rate and, as a result your return on investments.

Design & Management

WordPress Web Design

Here at Crux we build high-quality custom WordPress websites, with beautiful designs, and fully optimized to meet your company needs. A website is your company’s virtual storefront and digital face. Items like content, link building, search engine optimization (SEO) techniques and social media may get visitors to your home page but once they arrive, it’s the visuals, content and ease of navigation that will make the biggest impression and close the sale.

Crux designs sites that present your brand, corporate culture, products and services in ways that will convert visitors into customers. Crux will work with you to develop company blogs, updates and connections that are guaranteed to encourage return visits and increased traffic every day.

Large Commerce Sites

Crux Creative’s development team has over 19 years of experience and has worked with hundreds of sites in an array of areas. Through an extraordinarily detailed and thoughtful discovery phase Crux will help you realize the full potential of your online branding. With our help you can build a beautiful site that engages and excites your target audience and effortlessly persuades brand loyalty.

Website Management

Having an engaging website is just a part of the process. Once your website is built it will need to keep up to date. Crux will help you add pages, run updates, keep the site secure, make sure your site works across all platforms, and has your digital back. Crux Creative’s web management product is premium hosting of the highest level. Give Crux a chance to deliver and never let your site go down again.

Managed Services


Summit/Crest is our fully managed SEO product, custom-built for your company. With Crux you get a fully automated, hands-off solution, which combines all of our best products!

Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing is one of the ways that businesses convert potential customers/clients into paying customers by ensuring that your company’s brand, content and messaging are always exciting and engaging.

PPC Management

Pay-per-click (PPC) is our fully managed, custom-built product aimed and tailored to your particular customer base. Crux can equip your organization with a fully automated hands-off solution!

Paid Social

Paid social media marketing uses advertising and sponsored content to advance your presence in third party websites, feeds, and pages. Paid social media marketing is a cost-effective alternative to conventional marketing by reaching a wider target audience reach while helping build your company’s brand.

Link Building

Crux Guest

Getting white hat (computer security) links is often considered the hardest part of SEO. It is time-consuming and complicated. Thankfully Crux Creative has examined, drilled, and systematized this process over the course of their 19 years in business. Using this process Crux can get you the best high DA links from around the net. Most companies aim to can get you DA10 links, but at Crux our packages start at 40.

Crux Press

Our Crux Press service offers blue ribbon press releases written and distributed on behalf of your business. Crux can help get your business on many local and national news source websites. This accomplishes two things.
1. It can get you high DA links to your site
2. It builds up link diversity to your site.

Crux Local

The Crux Local service will help rank you business among the best in their individual areas. We use the best local directories and big data aggregators to let Google know where your business is located and why you are the best. If you are struggling to beat your competition across town then the Crux Local package is for you.

Content Creation


Excellent linkable content naturally increases your businesses profile and position as a leader in your field. Crux Blogger creates incredible linkable content based around topics and keywords that matter to your new and old customers alike.

On Page

Maybe you have been putting out content for a hoping that it will encourage viewers to go back to your site, but nothing is happening to your traffic. With Crux on-page we dive deep into the content on your site and fully optimize each page to ensure that your business linked with the keywords that matter most.


Crux specializes in turning your blog posts and scripts into high-quality video content. Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world, and if your business isn’t on it you are missing out. Take advantage of high-quality video content with our video service.