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4/14/2011 – ExhibitRecruiter, the leading recruitment agency for producers of exhibitions, events, and branded environments, has announced the launch of its newest recruitment tool ExhibitPeeps (www.ExhibitPeeps.com). The tool combines the benefits of cutting-edge technology with the high level of personalized service for which ExhibitRecruiter is known.

ExhibitPeeps is an online web application designed to connect employers and job seekers in the Exhibits, Museum, Events, Branded Environments, MARCOM, and Retail Marketing industries throughout the US, Canada and the UK. The service provides a solution for both industry-experienced job seekers looking for new opportunities and cost-conscious employers seeking to find the largest pool of qualified candidates.

ExhibitPeeps is the ideal solution for professionals that are either unemployed, under-employed, or simply not 100% satisfied with their current situation. ExhibitPeeps allows you to anonymously, confidentially, and discreetly test the market in order to keep your employment options open. Job seekers can gain maximum exposure by posting their information on the ExhibitPeeps website for FREE. You can create your secure online bio in a matter of minutes simply by answering a series of specific but non-identifying questions. Your identity and contact information will never be shared without your explicit approval, which only becomes necessary after we’ve informed you of the identity of an interested employer.

ExhibitPeeps allows employers to review, compare, and screen industry-experienced candidates FREE of charge. We provide an efficient and cost-effective solution for your hiring needs. Our fixed-fee structure will save you thousands of dollars versus traditional recruiting, and a fee is only incurred once the candidate is hired and actually reports to work.

Cal Cook, Principal of ExhibitRecruiter and Founder of ExhibitPeeps.com stated “ExhibitPeeps bridges the considerable gap between existing recruiting websites that lack the human element, and traditional off-line recruiting which lacks the technological efficiency required by today’s employers.”

ExhibitRecruiter partnered with the team at Crux on the development of ExhibitPeeps.com. Crux’s market-leading skill-set was integral in allowing us to bring this advanced employment solution to life.

About ExhibitRecruiter
Established in 1998, ExhibitRecruiter is the premier recruitment agency specializing in the exhibit and event industry. ExhibitRecruiter has partnered with companies of all sizes throughout the United States and Canada that specialize in exhibits, museums, environments, and events. We focus exclusively on the experiential marketing sector. For more information, go to www.ExhibitRecruiter.com.

About Crux
Crux: A Creative Agency is an award-winning visual communications firm focused on creating transformative design experiences for trade shows, museums, retail, health care, corporate environments, B2B and B2C brands. Crux shapes ideas for the built environment with stunning environmental graphic design and creates brand experiences for the digital world using the latest web programming and social media technologies. For more information visit www.cruxcreative.com.

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