Crux Creative, a full-service creative agency, invites Chicago and Milwaukee based exhibit and architectural firms to join in on supporting the Special Olympics at the 2012 Southeastern Wisconsin Polar Plunge in Kenosha.

Lake Geneva, WI (PRWEB) January 17, 2012

“Bravery Required” is the newly adopted tagline for Crux Creative, the full-service agency servicing the Chicago-Milwaukee area, and the anthem of what’s required for design material to succeed in 2012.

“In an overtly connected and overly commoditized world, a firm can’t differentiate anymore just by using great looking graphics or ‘safe’ designs. They have to bravely stand out and push themselves to stay committed to creativity without watering it down.” says Michele Allen, President of the Lake Geneva-based creative agency. “We want to educate companies on what it means to be brave with their designs and how they can benefit from taking the plunge into bold creative work. After all, it always takes risk to be on the cutting edge, but doing so can also mean getting ahead of new trends and leading the market.”

The team at Crux Creative is inviting architectural and exhibit firms from the Chicago-Milwaukee area to join them in taking another plunge; celebrating the company’s new tagline, “Bravery Required” by participating in the Southeastern Wisconsin Polar Plunge. The annual event benefits the Special Olympics and takes place February 11, 2012 in Kenosha.

To sign up for the Southeastern Wisconsin Polar Plunge and receive free “Bravery Required” gear, visit http://4e4.7d0.mwp.accessdomain.com and click the Polar Plunge tab.

For more information, contact Michele Allen, President of Crux Creative: 888.250.8695. mallen@cruxcreative.com


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