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Sometimes you come across a great article that you just want to share. That’s what happened to us when we read, “Embodying Brand in the Workplace” by Peter Conant in the latest edition of Work Design Magazine. (Just click on the article to read it for yourself.)

It’s on the importance of telling your brand story through your work site. And Crux couldn’t agree more!

Just think about – when a client, vendor or potential employee comes into your office for the first time they’re immediately experiencing – and judging – your brand in terms of what they see, hear, smell, and feel within seconds of entering the door. This is particularly important if you’re updating a brand, repositioning a brand after a merger or introducing a new brand for a startup company in an already crowded marketplace.

We’d love to help you with all of the above. Why not call us for a FREE consultation on how to enhance the “branding” of your workspace? (If you supply the coffee, we’ll bring the chocolate chip cookies.) In the meantime, please visit our site for more information on OUR brand – – now. Our virtual door is always open.

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