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The purpose of direct response marketing is to get a targeted message to your customer with a specific call to action, whether you are asking your audience to buy a product, join a mailing list, or refer a friend. Successful direct response marketing campaigns are targeted, trackable, and have a specific call to action. There are many ways to build direct response marketing into your strategy, but they should all employ these techniques. Learn how below:


Have you ever gotten a Facebook ad that was so bizarrely specific to your interests it seemed impossible? Those ads reach you through precise targeting; demographics like gender, location, recent life events, and interests drive these ads to your feed with incredible accuracy. You can take these details about your targeted audience to drive your ads to their feed with the same accuracy.


As always, you will want to be able to track your ROI. Using Google analytics, UTM codes, and unique email addresses, you will be able to accurately track conversions and returns. Which will allow you to create more specialized campaigns in the future. All your efforts to track campaign performance will teach you more about your customer.

Specific Call to Action

Direct response marketing requires just that: A response. Whether you want your audience to follow a link, buy a product, refer a friend, join a mailing list, or use a hashtag, your campaign must require some response from the viewer. Your call to action should create a sense enthusiasm and excitement and inspire customers to act.

With these techniques, direct response marketing can be highly successful across industries. And, whether you employ these methods in a digital campaign or good old-fashioned snail mail, direct response marketing offers an excellent opportunity to get to know your audience better and build momentum for your next campaign.

Lydia Andersen

I am an accomplished and well-rounded marketer with a strong history of achievement in high pressure opportunities, a change agent with the ability to analyze and solve business problems, identify causes and lead successful solutions from concept to creation, while maintaining impeccable customer experience, a branding aficionado with experience in both B2B and B2C marketing, and a champion of company culture, passionate about enjoying work, through committee leadership and by example.