[text_output]Long ago, in the days when there were Don Drapers and Peggy Olsons still on Madison Avenue, there was a discount clothing store called Syms whose tagline was, “An educated consumer is our best customer.” It was, and is, one of my all-time favorite branding statements. It flattered the customer (always a good thing to do in my view) by making the point that truly discriminating shoppers valued Syms because they were smart enough to know the true worth of the store’s discount merchandise.[/text_output]
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[text_output]Well, at Crux we know that businesses who understand the importance of great marketing strategy and ground breaking creative are our best customers, too. So, to help our clients get more out of the various marketing communications formats we work in , we’re offering a series of educational presentations on how to make the most of each one. Filling out the form above will provide you a link to our first presentation “Another Opening, Another Show -How to Make Your Trade Show Exhibit a Smash Hit! ”  It covers how to get more out of exhibiting at a business expo or industrial trade show.

[text_output]We hope you’ll find the information it offers useful and that you’ll share it with others who may be considering investing in a trade show exhibit. Feel free to download it to your desktop for easy access whenever you need it. And don’t forget to check back to see our other presentations on such topics as direct mail, radio spots, social media and more. They’ll be coming soon.[/text_output]


  • Over all good seminar when I am able to get at least one valuable idea or suggestion form a seminar I consider it to be a success. I did get that one thing

    Thank you

    • starlo says:

      Tom, thank you for the kind words! We are happy to hear you were able to walk away with something new that we hope will in turn contribute to successful future expos! This was our first seminar but we intend to put more on in the future, so stay tuned.

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