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Engaging Solutions
with Immersive Technology

Interactive Displays | Augmented Reality (AR) | Virtual Reality (VR)
Immersive Experiences

Developing innovative solutions to help promote your brand is our specialty. Among the collection of creative, marketing, and design services Crux, an experienced interactive agency, delivers, we also produce immersive experiences using the latest cutting-edge technology that engages and inspires audiences in memorable ways. Perfect for your next event, trade show, permanent installation, or museum exhibit, our interactive displays will leave a lasting impression and help you make your mark.

Whether it is presenting corporate sales and marketing services, delivering brand stories and product information uniquely, telling a story of the past, or creating engaging experiences that delight audiences, Crux Creative’s interactive response, augmented reality, and virtual reality technologies could be the perfect immersive experience to enhance your project goals and outcomes.

Companies use Interactive responsive methods to educate, inform, and engage their audiences or customers. With the use of touch, voice, gestures, sensors, video, and creative storytelling, many interactive experiences can be created. Interactive experiences are used for sales presentations and corporate briefings, in broadcast news, for digital signage and menu boards, in museums, trade shows, retail, education, and more.

Real-world use of immersive technologies (extended reality) continues to change how companies educate, train, market, sell, and experience products and services in B2B and B2C. Education, automotive, packaging, military, manufacturing, health care, oil & gas, medical, retail, and gaming are just a few industries actively using augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR) in day-to-day business activities.

It’s time to engage, educate and learn from your audience.

Our pursuit to create better brand stories and audience interactions starts with thoughtful, strategic design and marketing goals to produce design outcomes that engage, educate, and inspire customers and audiences alike. We are idea people. If we can dream and build it, we can design for almost any industry. For example:

Museums, Permanent Installations, History Walls, Donor Walls and Innovation Centers

From social interaction to maps to hands-on learning to participating in real-world experiences, interactive or immersive technologies are ways to captivate individuals and increase audience engagement.

Trade Shows and Events

Presentations, kiosks, touch screens, augmented reality, and virtual reality heighten audience experiences when used in new product or service introductions, sales and marketing messaging, and telling a story about your brand, company, history, or new innovation.

Brand Marketing Experiences

Augmented Reality (AR) is a terrific vehicle to help expand product marketing information on limited packaging, print or interior wall space, deliver sales information in a unique way that drives retention, cross-promote products, put a new twist on print/digital advertising campaigns, educate employees, train clients, and more.

Corporate Briefings & Sales Services

Interactive “touch screen” technology is used in corporate briefings, client presentations, and seminar presentations. This technology helps the user quickly and easily move from one concept to another delivering information to audiences with the touch of a finger.

One interactive display or immersive experience can be repurposed and used in multiple areas within an organization to maximize your return on investment.

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