Interactive Media

Developing innovative solutions to help promote your brand, event or exhibit is our specialty. Crux has decades of experience in creating unforgettable experiences.  We provide interactives with cutting-edge technology solutions. We collaborate with our clients to develop an experience that delivers information in creative and effective (and memorable) ways.
We create strategy-driven brand identities and designs that harness human-centric rich storytelling to educate about pretty much anything.

It’s time to engage, educate and learn from your audience.

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Crux specializes in building engaging interactive experiences. Our pursuit to create better brand interactions results in thoughtful design, effective social sharing, and meaningful data collection. This focus helps us meet our clients goals, both now and in the future.


Creative interactive exhibits are a great way to increase audience engagement and education. Great for social interaction, maps, hands-on learning, and in-depth information.

Trade Shows and Events

Kiosks, large screens, and interactive presentations are just the beginning. Stand out to your audience with an impressive experience that starts at first sight.


Interactives in retail are a great way to engage with clients and to keep brick and mortar stores cutting-edge. Creating a positive, unique experience brings shoppers back.


Menu boards and ordering kiosks that are digital can keep your branding current and save you time as well as expenses incurred from printing and installation. Your menu, prices, and details can be updated easily and as needed.


Interactive media is perfect for directories, calendars, events, and more. Keep your students, faculty, and visitors engaged. Ease of updates means anything is possible, and simple, allowing educators and administrators spend more time on students.

Sports and Arenas

Engage with your visitors – from wayfinding to menus, education to engaging social features, team history to interactives for kids.