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Is it Time to Bite the Bullet and Get on TikTok?

It’s decided; it’s not going anywhere. And short-form video content is here to stay across other platforms, too. Instagram Reels (which also appear on Facebook) and YouTube shorts have taken over newsfeeds and home screens. And, let’s face it, they do a pretty good job of drawing you in. I find myself getting sucked into a good 15 minutes of scrolling anytime I open any social media app. They are compelling, even promotional ones are dynamic and interesting and hold your attention.

TikTok is still growing rapidly and reaching a new generation of users more successfully than any other platform, which means there is a whole, otherwise unreached audience available to you. But therein lies the big question, can you reach your audience on TikTok?

Currently, 25% of TikTok users in the US are under 19 years old and 47% are under 30. TikTok has more Gen Z users than Instagram and the majority of creators fall into the same generation. 57% of TikTok users are female.

Similarly to the launch of Instagram, the inaugural users were young, mainly teenagers or college-aged adults. However, as we’ve seen with several other platforms, those initial audiences grow to include a wider range of demographics and with that growth comes advertising options and promotional content. TikTok has already launched a few ways to advertise on the app and many companies utilize influencer marketing to advertise on TikTok.

Does this sound like your target audience? Or do you think they will be the next wave of users? If not, you can probably hold off on TikTok for now. That said, you should be utilizing short-form video on other platforms where your target demographic has a larger presence.

Lydia Andersen

I am an accomplished and well-rounded marketer with a strong history of achievement in high pressure opportunities, a change agent with the ability to analyze and solve business problems, identify causes and lead successful solutions from concept to creation, while maintaining impeccable customer experience, a branding aficionado with experience in both B2B and B2C marketing, and a champion of company culture, passionate about enjoying work, through committee leadership and by example.