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Permanent Exhibits

Environments and displays have a unique place in branding and educational communications. Instead of just sharing information, they create a multi-dimensional experience that can change a visitor’s perception of the past, present and future. Whatever the application, our designers always add a new level of excitement, vitality and artistry to your projects.

Making exhibits come alive is our passion.

Be it corporate environments, history walls, donor walls, or museum exhibits – we deliver graphic treatments, visual concepts and three-dimensional executions that enhance your brand, engage your audience and turn every story into an unforgettable experience.

Don’t settle for a display – create an experience!

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Seeing a museum exhibit come alive and knowing that we’ve played a part in its transformation is one of our favorite moments! We love the whole process from planning concepts and researching content development to creating 3D graphic designs. Crux Creative takes charge of graphic production, printing, construction and even installation of your project. Whatever your needs, you’ll find Crux delivers the highest quality work at every turn.

Corporate Interiors

Onsite visitors take measure of your company as soon as they walk through the door. Your corporate environment needs to reflect the quality of your products, the talent of your staff and your unwavering commitment to deliver on the superiority of your brand. Crux Creative can assist with signage, construction, and space planning to help you develop a branded environment that speaks to your clients, employees, and vendors.

Interactive Displays

At Crux we love creating educational displays that inspire people of all ages to interact with exhibits. From traveling presentations to permanent installations, we can design the perfect project to educate and inform your diverse audiences. Whether you require a simple hands-on interactive demonstration or an exhibition that includes sophisticated high-end technology, we’ll deliver an experience that will leave a lasting impression on every one of your visitors.

Visitor Centers

Whether you are in a museum, hospital, college or corporate setting, your visitor center needs to be the perfect space for introducing newcomers to your environment. Crux can design and install a space that is uniquely yours. Creating a space that informs and inspires your visitors with a sense of your values, goals and culture.

Donor Wall, History Walls and Community Areas

The success of any corporation, college, hospital and non-profit organization is the success story of the cooperation and a collaboration of many contributors. Acknowledging these contributors and accomplishments on donor walls, history walls and community walls adds an invaluable dimension to the environment and encourages future contributions.  We not only have years of experience in designing and building these projects, but also an unique understanding of which stories have the most impact. From concept to construction, Crux wll work with you to create an extraordinary 3D storytelling tool that recognizes these achievements, reward effort and replenish the desire to give.

Retail Spaces

Creating a great shopping experience is vital to the survival of your business. The market place is filled with competitors and rivals. Be it furniture stores, apparel boutiques, or banks Crux has the expertise to develop a one-of-a-kind experience that will make your company’s space an entertainment destination all its own. From planning, to design, to branding, to production, to installation Crux will help you create a vision for your customers at a cost that wont break your budget.

Sports Arenas

Crux Creative understands how much the right graphic design in an arena can contribute to the overall aesthetic and spectator enjoyment or your arena. We have done a wide range of work for campuses and college teams across the nation as well as in urban locations looking to enhance their professional competitions by developing graphic designs that are guaranteed to connect your brand to the alumni and fan base.