GNW 2019

Bostik had a 10’ x 20’ island that allowed them to maximize the usage of the space.  The first goal was to brand the outside of the exhibit so attendees could easily find them in the hall while also promoting their newest advertising promotion.  The inside of the space would be used for attendee interaction with booth staff and interactive touch screens to promote their latest product offerings.  They also wanted to have the opportunity to have a small private presentation within the space several times day that would be closed off from passers-by buy but pique their curiosity at the same time.

Two solutions were presented where the space is entirely closed off with sliding doors that would open on both sides allowing attendees to come inside from both sides.  Both sides have sliding doors that would close off the space when there was a presentation inside.  One option had vinyl that blocked the direct view into the space when closed off and a second option used electric privacy glass that would completely block the view inside and enhance the outside graphics.

Exhibit Design
Graphic Design
Interactive Design