Branded Environment: Edwards Vacuum Cryopump Manufacturing and R&D Facility

Haverhill, MA, near Boston

Edwards Vacuum, a leading provider of vacuum and abatement solutions, has embarked on an ambitious project to establish a state-of-the-art facility dedicated to cryopump manufacturing, research, and development. The new facility, spanning 136,000 square feet, is strategically located in Haverhill, MA, to centralize and enhance all new product design and manufacturing activities currently dispersed across multiple locations, notably consolidating operations previously housed in Chelmsford, Massachusetts.

Our focus was on the facility’s interior design branding. The lobby includes a striking Moss wall complemented by an edge-lit logo, which welcomes visitors and symbolizes Edwards Vacuum’s commitment to sustainability and innovation. Additionally, a larger perforated steel graphic adorning the seating area pays homage to the company’s rich history and signifies its strength and longevity in the industry.

The facility has transformed walls into engaging spaces to engage and inspire visitors. These walls feature captivating graphics and displays showcasing Edwards Vacuum’s achievements, milestones, and cutting-edge technologies. The design fosters a sense of pride among employees and instills confidence in clients and partners.

Attention to detail extends to the exterior and interior window treatments, which enhance the building’s aesthetics and serve as a subtle branding element. Custom-designed window graphics reflect the company’s identity while providing privacy, natural light control, and energy efficiency.

In manufacturing, graphics have been strategically incorporated into the warehouse space to seamlessly integrate the brand identity into the production environment. These graphics serve as a constant reminder of the company’s commitment to excellence, motivating employees, and reinforcing brand loyalty.

The facility includes a dedicated gymnasium designed to promote employee well-being and fitness. The gym has been branded with Edwards Vacuum’s logo and motivational messages, creating a cohesive and inspiring environment that encourages employees to stay active and healthy while embodying the company’s values.

The Edwards Vacuum Cryopump Manufacturing and R&D Facility in Haverhill, MA, represents a significant investment in innovation, efficiency, and employee satisfaction. Through thoughtful design elements, including a striking entrance, engaging interior walls, branded window treatments, warehouse graphics, and a motivating gym, the facility showcases the company’s commitment to excellence. It creates a dynamic, inspiring environment conducive to collaboration, creativity, and success. The design exemplifies Edwards Vacuum’s dedication to advancing technology and driving progress in the vacuum and abatement industry.


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