Captivate Exhibits Formally Exhibit Systems

Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Captivate Exhibits Made a Mark at the International Cheese Technology Show

In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Exhibit Systems, now known as Captivate Exhibits, is a prominent trade show manufacturing company. Faced with the challenge of distinguishing themselves amidst numerous competitors at the International Cheese Technology Show, Captivate Exhibits sought the expertise of Crux Creative to develop a compelling marketing strategy and an eye-catching exhibit.

A Strategic Collaboration

Captivate Exhibits understood that to make a significant impact at the show. They needed more than just a booth—they needed a robust and cohesive marketing message that would capture the attention of their target audience. Crux Creative was brought on board to craft this message and design a well-branded exhibit that effectively communicates Captivate Exhibits’ unique value proposition.

Designing the Exhibit

Crux Creative approached the project with a focus on creating a visually striking and strategically designed exhibit. The design featured bold graphics, engaging multimedia elements, and interactive displays highlighting Captivate Exhibits’ capabilities and industry expertise. Every aspect of the exhibit was meticulously planned to ensure it resonated with attendees and stood out on the crowded show floor.

Supporting Marketing Materials

In addition to the exhibit design, Crux Creative developed supportive marketing materials reinforcing the brand message. This included brochures, business cards, and digital presentations that provided detailed information about Captivate Exhibits’ services and success stories. These materials were designed to engage potential clients and leave a lasting impression.

Outstanding Results

The collaboration between Captivate Exhibits and Crux Creative proved to be highly successful. The strategic exhibit and supportive marketing materials attracted significant attention and facilitated meaningful interactions with potential clients. Captivate Exhibits closed business deals directly on the show floor, showcasing the effectiveness of the new branding and marketing strategy.


Captivate Exhibits’ experience at the International Cheese Technology Show underscores the importance of strategic design and cohesive marketing in achieving trade show success. The partnership with Crux Creative enabled Captivate Exhibits to stand out among competitors, effectively engage their target audience, and secure new business, solidifying their presence in the industry.

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