CatFace is the YouTube production and merchandise company behind Aphmau and AphmauShuki, Minecraft’s gaming videos in Austin, TX. Their videos have over 15 million subscribers and 350 million monthly views.

One of Crux’s many tradeshow partners, Captivate Exhibits, contacted Crux to design Catface’s new custom 10 x 20 inline exhibit for VidCon 2022. The client was looking for a simple yet colorful and playful booth design that would display their merchandise and reinforce the brand’s character.

Our team designed an unusually high back wall with logo prominence for the audience to quickly find the booth walking from different directions on the show floor. A red glitter-type wall covering and custom graphics were added and positioned atop the red carpet to enhance the characters’ energy and playfulness and red customizations within the booth space. The curved and straight edge back walls convey a welcoming presence but were intentionally designed to incorporate a hidden storage closet space. To maintain the soft-edged theme, a curved reception/merchandise counter and shelves were designed to provide ample space to display merchandise. Video monitors were added to a back wall to play various videos. Lighting was enhanced with cube-like fixtures and backlit graphics.

It was great fun to design this booth and see it morph into a 3D structure!

3D Design