Franklin Fueling Systems

Headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin, Franklin Fueling Systems operates as a subsidiary of Franklin Electric Co. Inc., a globally recognized leader in water and automotive fuel solutions. The company specializes in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of piping, fittings, and cutting-edge systems tailored for gas stations and essential electrical grid networks.

Comprising a diverse portfolio of 12 brands spanning 11 distinct product categories, Franklin Fueling is a hub of innovation and expertise. The company’s North American base serves as a focal point for a wide array of worldwide clientele. With a dedicated workforce of hundreds, the company embarked on a mission to elevate the on-site customer experience, fostering knowledge dissemination among both visitors and employees. In this endeavor, Crux emerged as the chosen partner to fulfill these ambitious objectives.

One notable solution entailed the creation of a corporate interior that showcased products and their rich history, strategically enhancing a space within the reception area. This artistic enclave infused the facility with visual charm while preserving the company’s rich legacy. To encapsulate the essence of their current brands and succinctly showcase their intricate nature, a second solution materialized in the form of six product displays adorning the walls of an extensive corridor.

Each solution unfolds a visual narrative through a symphony of design elements: LED illumination, stand-off panels, meticulously rendered direct print images, skillfully mounted products, bespoke font styles, dimensional lettering, engaging content, and more. These combined elements culminate in a visual tapestry that not only captures the essence of Franklin Fueling’s journey but also accentuates the sophistication and significance of its products.

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