Harting, Inc of North America

Elgin, IL

With headquarters in Germany, Harting Technology Group develops, manufactures, and sells network components, electrical and electronic connectors, and cable harnesses used in a variety of applications such as data application.

Crux Creative hired to promote the Harting brand in the United States. Crux Creative developed promotional materials and a video for numerous tradeshows.  The new marketing materials were representative of the parent company brand, Harting Technology Group, and presented the new marketing materials for Harting, Inc of North America that were consistent in look, feel, and brand messaging. Collaborating closely with the client and a videographer, Crux Creative created an award-winning brochure and directed a fast-action multimedia demo reel that supported the overall Harting brand.  Harting, Inc of North America also hired Crux Creative to create a 3D rendering of the North American facility in Elgin, Illinois that has been constantly used by the client as a unique branding element.

Demo Reel
3D Renderings
Corporate Brochure