K9 Swim and Trim

Downers Grove, IL

K9 Swim & Trim located in Downers Grove, Illinois, is an entrepreneurial business established and run by a veterinarian who specializes in water therapy and physical fitness programs for dogs of all breeds. K9 fills a special niche in canine fitness, helping dogs attain a healthy weight all while having fun. The website is colorful and playful to intrigue visitors and explained the benefits of K9 Swim & Trim’s services.

Crux Creative created branding, promotional materials, and a clean and simple website that is easy to navigate and conveys what K9 Swim & Trim is all about – good puppy health and fun! Using a bright, youthful color palette and beautiful images of dogs in the pool, we designed a web site that reflects the serious veterinarian healthcare K9 offers and the enjoyment the dogs experience while undergoing therapy.

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Website Design and Development
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