Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

Headquartered in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, Millennium is a medium-size warehouse and distributor serving the telecommunications industry. Crux had created a stand-alone print piece for the company and they contacted us about a new project several years later. Although the company had been operating for over 12 years, the managers felt that their growth was being hampered because they lacked a fully realized brand. They asked Crux to develop a marketing plan, creative strategy and website in order to compete in an expanding and more sophisticated marketplace.

We started by conducting an in-depth study of the local marketplace, eight of the company’s leading competitors, Millennium’s own corporate goals and internal culture. Then we created a new company brand – “Our vision supplies yours” – that spoke to the Millennium’s innovative approach and history of building strong client partnerships within the telecommunications industry. Finally, we applied this innovative branding to revitalize the existing company’s web site, created a social media strategy and plan and designed attention-grabbing visuals that would appeal to the imagination and interests of targeted decision makers.

The results dramatically improved the company’s presentation and were well received by staff members, clients, vendors and the industry at large.

Brand Development
Graphic Concepts
Social Media Campaign and Guidebook