Chicago, Illinois

Matrex, a comprehensive experiential, interiors, and events company situated in the Chicago-Metro area, engaged Crux Creative to breathe new life into their outdated website. While the previous website served its purpose, it lacked the finesse required for optimal web performance and struggled to keep pace in the digital realm. A modernized appearance, streamlined customer experience, user-friendly content management, and elevated Google search rankings were Matrex’s trade show marketing aspirations.

Crux Creative orchestrated a meticulous plan to tackle each of Matrex’s objectives. A strategic blueprint, resembling a digital navigation map, was sketched out to provide a visual representation of the proposed customer journey. The Crux team formulated captivating graphic designs and dynamic video concepts. Additionally, they composed client-centric content, incorporating header tags to enhance readability and web-scanning efficiency. The content was expertly tailored to align with web reading patterns, thus bolstering user engagement.

Furthermore, Crux Creative meticulously crafted SEO-optimized content, strategically integrating keywords to bolster search visibility, page rankings, and overall web traffic. Comprehensive keyword research was conducted to pinpoint optimal terms for enhancing online presence. Leveraging their expertise, the team constructed the website using WordPress, a platform that empowers the Matrex team to seamlessly modify and maintain the updated site independently. This transition to WordPress not only eased content management but also facilitated swift updates to keep pace with the dynamic digital landscape.

In summary, Crux Creative’s strategic overhaul enabled Matrex to transcend its previous digital limitations. The culmination of their efforts materialized in a revamped website characterized by captivating visuals, user-centric content and enhanced search engine prominence. Through meticulous planning, execution, and utilization of WordPress, the collaborative initiative succeeded in revitalizing Matrex’s online identity while positioning them prominently on the coveted first page of Google search results.

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