Corporate History Wall

Allenton, Wisconsin

Maysteel is a global leading complex sheet fabricator that supplies metal enclosures, cabinets, server racks, and kiosks. Maysteel combines their extensive engineering experience, design for manufacturing (DFM) principles, and market knowledge with an expanding supply chain footprint, allowing them to fabricate and deliver sheet metal solutions that others cannot. Crux Creative was asked to redesign the main conference room to educate visitors on the history of Maysteel. Crux Creative worked closely with Maysteel to understand its mission and goals for the conference room redesign. Adhering to tight budget parameters, Crux Creative designed and laid out a graphic history wall for two of the main walls that share the past accomplishments and growth in the sheet metal industry. Crux Creative used graphics and information provided by Maysteel that highlight their extensive engineering experience as a complex sheet metal fabricator and the company that Maysteel has today as a result.

Maysteel not only wanted Crux Creative to redesign the conference but also wanted their teams to be part of this project so their manufacturing capabilities could be incorporated into the design and experienced firsthand. Utilizing Maysteel as the metal fabricator to cut their own dimensional metal logo and map not only showcased their craftmanship; it also took fabrication costs out of the direct budget for the project and still allowed Crux Creative to maintain its high-quality level of execution. Crux Creative directed the Maysteel building maintenance team to assist in the installation of the history wall to finish the project on time and in budget.

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