Las Vegas, Nevada

The OFFPRICE Show is one of several retail trade shows that run in Las Vegas twice a year. Offering lower than discount pricing for quality merchandise, OFFPRICE offers retailers a unique opportunity to increase their profit margins by lowering their costs. Although this benefit was known and appreciated by veteran buyers, less savvy retailers sometimes assumed that the OFFPRICE couldn’t compete with the other shows for quality or trendiness. To break through the noise and change this misconception, OFFPRICE wanted a fresh, new approach to their show signage, digital marketing ads and more. Crux answered this challenge by creating a new brand for the company that was realized with humorous double entendres, stunning, sexy graphics and an understanding that everyone wants to be an “insider.” The approach was a huge success and praised by OFFPRICE’s owners, exhibitors and customers alike.

Brand Development
Logo Design
Graphic Design