Corporate Lobby Redesign

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Crux Creative partnered with Captivate Exhibits to design, fabricate and install several areas within the PFlow facility. When PFlow moved into their current location, the rapid growth of the company prevented them from suitably updating the new building to reflect the PFlow corporate brand.  With the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions and the limited number of people in the building, PFlow took advantage of the opportunity to properly update its facility. Starting with the reception desk and lobby for Phase One, PFlow wanted to update this area to be a bold and modern space where visitors could learn about the PFlow company and its history while being emersed in the PFlow brand. Crux Creative began space planning to create a welcoming and functional layout while updating graphics, wall colors, and carpet that reflected and complemented the PFlow brand.

Entering into the entry vestibule, visitors are greeted by two stunning halo-lit dimensional PFlow logos.  Immediately inside, the lobby features a refreshed reception counter with new graphics complemented and highlighted with new LED lighting.  The reception desk and work area received a new laminated work surface and the walls were painted to match the seating area of the lobby to visually tie the two areas together.  After checking in, visitors can enjoy the comfortable chairs, charge their devices using the custom made coffee table, watch informational videos on the large monitor, or enjoy the new graphics featuring PFlow’s rich history and capabilities while they wait for their appointment.

Founded in Milwaukee, PFlow designs and manufactures lift equipment commonly known as vertical reciprocating conveyors (VRCs) or material lifts to vertically move materials, not people. be able to update their facilities.

Crux Creative designed and directed the interior update and the graphics.  Captivate managed, fabricated, and installed the new design properties.

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