RadTech 2018

Sartomer was looking for a new tradeshow booth that highlighted their product offerings at RADTECH.  Sartomer needed four workstation areas with each kiosk dedicated to a specific product, a video projection area, and an area to relax or engage in casual business discussions.  Three different styles of architecture embraced the functions the client needed with a flow that would tell the Sartomer story.


Each design positions the kiosk workstations along the side aisle that is easily accessible from the main corner of the booth to introduce products and have small demos.  Embraced with color and lighting these areas pull attendees into the booth.  A large electric privacy glass wall can be see-through when not in use for video projection to provide a semi-private casual meeting space but still be visually open.  When activated with a low-voltage electric current, the privacy glass becomes opaque and can be utilized as a video wall as a presentation area or a visual element that gives the booth extra depth with motion and multi-media interest.

Exhibit Design
Graphic Design
Interactive Design