Wheaton, IL

EALgreen’s mission is to raise money for scholarships through goods donated by corporations that can be recycled for use on college campuses. The money the schools save on these transactions is then put toward scholarships for their students. To take advantage of the current interest in a sustainable economy, EAL (an acronym for Empowering Access to Learning) decided to rebrand itself as EALgreen. They engaged Crux Creative to develop a complete brand strategy including a redesigned website, impact report, blogs, social media, and promotional items. While we were at it, we increased the organization’s profile among not only donors but colleges and students as well. Within 18 months, EALgreen was on its way to doubling its donations and the number of scholarships it could offer. Good work does good – all the way around.

Website Design and Development
Brand Strategy
Brand Guidelines
Annual Report
Social Media
Promotional Items
AdWords Campaign