Billerica, Massachusetts


Elevating Retail Experience: Crux Creative’s Signage Redesign for And That!

In Billerica, Massachusetts, Winbrook, a leader in innovative brand development, partnered with Crux Creative to enhance the retail experience for And That!, a store known for its eclectic home décor and unique finds. The challenge was to replace the existing eye-level graphics, which did not resonate with the brand’s desired aesthetic, with new specialty signage that truly reflected And That!’s identity.

The Challenge: Aligning Signage with Brand Identity

And That! needed functional signage that was an extension of its brand—inviting, contemporary, and reflective of its eclectic spirit. The existing graphics were inadequate, leading to a disjointed shopping experience. Recognizing this, Winbrook enlisted Crux Creative, a design agency celebrated for innovative and thoughtful design solutions, to revamp the signage and align it with And That!’s branding direction.

Crux Creative’s Visionary Approach

Crux Creative approached the project with a strategic and artistic mindset. They understood that effective signage is crucial in guiding and engaging customers and serves as a powerful medium for brand storytelling. Their objective was to create textural, timeless, and edgy signage, enhancing the overall aesthetic and customer experience in the store.

Design Process and Development

  1. Research and Understanding: Crux Creative began by immersing themselves in And That!’s brand identity and retail environment.
  2. Concept Development: Crux Creative developed several design concepts based on a deep understanding of the brand. They focused on creating signage that was textural, adding depth and intrigue; timeless, ensuring long-lasting relevance; and edgy, capturing the modern and eclectic essence of And That!
  3. Collaborative Refinement: Crux Creative collaborated closely with Winbrook throughout the design process, incorporating feedback and making refinements to ensure the final designs aligned with the brand’s vision and practical needs.

The Final Designs: Textural, Timeless, and Edgy

The final signage designs featured bold typography, striking graphics, and unique shapes. The textural elements added a tactile quality, making the signs functional, engaging, and aesthetically pleasing. The timeless design elements ensured that the signage would remain relevant, while the edgy components captured the contemporary spirit of And That!.

Impact and Reception

The new signage was enthusiastically approved, transforming the in-store experience. Visually appealing signs enhanced the overall shopping experience. The project reinforced Winbrook’s reputation for innovative solutions and showcased Crux Creative’s ability to elevate brand identity through strategic design.

In summary, the collaboration between Winbrook and Crux Creative resulted in a successful signage redesign that aligned with And That!’s brand, enhanced the retail experience, and set a new standard for in-store signage.

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