Thomas Architects

Chicago, IL

Elevating the Online Presence of Thomas Architects with Crux Creative

Thomas Architects, based in Chicago, IL, is renowned for its innovative commercial and residential architecture designs. They enlisted Crux Creative to design and develop a new professional website to showcase the breadth of their services and portfolio. The goal was to create an online presence accurately reflecting the firm’s sophistication and expertise.

Design and Development

Crux Creative approached the project, focusing on modern design and user experience. The new website features clean and attractive custom icons designed to visually represent the diverse range of services offered by Thomas Architects. Additionally, customized portfolio colors were incorporated to enhance the visual appeal and make navigation through different projects seamless and engaging.

Features and Functionality

The website’s layout was meticulously crafted to ensure easy navigation, allowing visitors to explore the firm’s extensive portfolio effortlessly. A robust content management system was implemented, enabling Thomas Architects to update content, including their blog and news sections, easily. This functionality ensures that the website remains dynamic and up-to-date with the firm’s latest projects and industry insights.

Search Engine Optimization

Exceptional search engine optimization (SEO) was a key project component. Crux Creative utilized best practices to optimize the website’s content and structure, improving its visibility in search engine results. This strategic approach helps potential clients find Thomas Architects online, increasing its reach and enhancing its reputation in the competitive architectural landscape.


The collaboration between Thomas Architects and Crux Creative resulted in a sophisticated, user-friendly website that effectively showcases the firm’s commercial and residential projects. The new site not only reflects the architectural excellence of Thomas Architects but also provides a functional and engaging platform for potential clients and partners to connect with the firm.

Website Design and Development