U.S. Naval Museum

The U.S. Naval Museum has undergone a transformative reimagination, portraying a comprehensive narrative of the United States Navy’s 250-year history. This project aims not only to showcase the unique aspects of active military service at sea but also to delve into the Navy’s peacetime missions. The museum extends a warm welcome to active duty Navy personnel, veterans, and their families, recognizing their significant contributions to the Navy’s storied legacy.

The Journey Begins

The journey begins at the museum’s entry portal, designed to intrigue visitors about the exhibits within. Crafted from reclaimed wood resembling the bow of a ship, the angled walls guide visitors towards the reception area. A sail-textured backdrop, large welcome counter, and seamless monitors highlighting historical naval events create an inviting atmosphere. The use of bright, clean materials establishes a welcoming aesthetic, encouraging visitors to download a self-guided tour app.

To the right of the entrance, an introduction area provides insight into the museums history and mission. The strategic use of darker colors on the ceiling, walls, and flooring enhances display visibility, creating an immersive experience for visitors. Long wall sections envelop visitors in the museum’s content, defining zones and facilitating traffic flow. A break in the central wall structure allows for easy navigation through the exhibit space.

The museum is organized into five zones, each dedicated to a specific era: Sail to Steam, A New Navy, World War II, The Cold War, and Conflict in the Middle East. Organized chronologically, these zones employ personal narratives, letters, interviews, and recollections, supported by exhibit text, graphics, and historical artifacts to convey the Navy’s evolution.

Each zone entrance features a blade displaying the main title and an overview narrative. Dimensional, edge-lit main titles and highlighted zone text contribute to the visual appeal. Unique, featured elements in each zone incorporate lighting, movement, and sound to bring thematic statements to life, engaging visitors throughout their journey.

Distinct wall and flooring colors define each zone, with sub-sections displaying artifacts, graphics, text, and videos. Void areas created by recessed wall placements add visual interest, emphasizing the storytelling within each zone. Small rooms or alcoves offer personal story areas, providing visitors with an intimate setting to focus on individual narratives.

As visitors progress through each zone, they explore the challenges, turning points, and successes of the U.S. Navy over the past 250 years. Family interactive elements ensure engagement across all age groups. The culmination in Zone 5 invites visitors to understand the contemporary Navy, offering veterans and active-duty personnel the opportunity to record and share their experiences, keeping the museum’s content dynamic.

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