VRAR Chicago

Chicago, Illinois

VRAR Chicago is part of the largest and most innovative technology community in the world. It offers immersive education, technology consulting, and event production for organizations interested in virtual reality or augmented reality experiences.  It also provides cutting-edge programming for its long-time running monthly education series The Next Evolution.

VRAR Chicago’s first website was built and maintained by engineers.  Although functional, it did not have the visual design aesthetic required for an evolving, innovative, and growing organization nor was it easy to make changes except by the person who originally built it.

Crux was hired to refresh the website, create a design that evokes “innovation”, and provide  a user-friendly CMS platform for VRAR Chicago’s growing team to easily make changes.  Crux developed the graphic design and provided images to help tell multiple business stories. It recommended an easy-to-use content management system that their team could easily learn and implement.  The website content was provided by the client.

Content Planning
Web Design
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