Waukesha, Wisconsin

Wildeck: Showcasing Industrial Excellence with Crux Creative’s Exhibit Design

Headquartered in Waukesha, Wisconsin, Wildeck is the largest U.S. manufacturer of industrial steelwork platforms, vertical lifts, and safety guarding products. As a subsidiary of Holden Industries, a 100 percent employee-owned company, Wildeck is renowned for providing solutions that enhance profitability, efficiency, and safety across various operations. To highlight their extensive range of industrial solutions, Wildeck partnered with Captivate Exhibits, who collaborated with Crux Creative to design a striking 40×50 exhibit.

Design and Integration

Crux Creative’s exhibit design was visually impressive and strategically functional. The 40×50 exhibit space was utilized to its fullest potential, showcasing Wildeck’s diverse product offerings in an engaging and accessible manner. The design seamlessly integrated Wildeck’s industrial solutions, ensuring that each product was highlighted effectively to demonstrate its value and application in real-world scenarios.

Engaging and Informative

The exhibit was designed to be not only eye-catching but also informative. Interactive displays and detailed product information allowed visitors to understand Wildeck’s capabilities comprehensively. The layout facilitated easy navigation, guiding attendees through the various sections of the exhibit and ensuring that key products and innovations were prominently featured.

Impact and Reception

The response to the exhibit was overwhelmingly positive. Attendees were drawn to the striking design and found the integration of Wildeck’s industrial solutions informative and impressive. The exhibit successfully communicated Wildeck’s leadership in the industry and underscored its commitment to enhancing operational efficiency and safety.

Crux Creative’s collaboration with Captivate Exhibits resulted in a standout exhibit for Wildeck, effectively showcasing their industrial excellence. The 40×50 exhibit highlighted Wildeck’s extensive product range and reinforced its position as a leader in providing innovative and efficient industrial solutions.

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