Wisconsin State Fair

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Craving a Creamy Adventure? Behold the Milkshake Marvel!
Prepare to be enchanted by the Dairyland Shake Shop’s newest addition at the Wisconsin State Fair. At a staggering 3 feet tall, our 3D rotating milkshake prop is a captivating spectacle, designed to mesmerize visitors and leave them thirsting for more. Partnering with the creative team at Crux Creative, we have crafted an ever-evolving experience that will tantalize fairgoers for years to come.

Dancing with Delight: The 3D Rotating Milkshake
Picture this: a giant milkshake, playfully rotating on its axis, displaying the iconic cup branding from all angles. It’s a dreamlike sight that transports visitors to a whimsical world where milkshakes come to life. With meticulous attention to detail, we’ve perfected every curve and swirl to make it look so incredibly realistic, you might find yourself reaching for a straw!

Ingenious Design, Seamless Implementation
Building a custom 3D rotating milkshake was no small feat, but our team of experts  were up to the challenge. From conception to execution, we combined innovative engineering and creative brilliance to bring this delightful vision to life. But it doesn’t stop there! We’ve also carefully designed custom crating for shipping and storage, ensuring that our Milkshake Wonder remains pristine for years to come.

An Ever-Changing Experience
The magic of the milkshake prop doesn’t end with its rotations. One of its most charming aspects is the ability to change its “cup wrap” each year, featuring a brand-new design. Wisconsin State Fair can now embrace the spirit of reinvention and surprise fairgoers with fresh, exciting cup designs annually. It’s a captivating way to keep visitors engaged and eager to return year after year.

Come, Sip and Smile at the Dairyland Shake Shop
The Milkshake Marvel is the undeniable star of the Dairyland Shake Shop at the Wisconsin State Fair. A beacon of delight that draws visitors in like moths to a flame, it symbolizes the joy and indulgence of this iconic event. While you revel in the festive atmosphere, take a moment to marvel at our rotating milkshake and immerse yourself in an experience you won’t find anywhere else.

Step into a World of Imagination
So, what are you waiting for? Join us at the Wisconsin State Fair and let the 3D rotating milkshake transport you to dairy delights. Be ready to sip, smile, and be utterly charmed by our ever-evolving Milkshake Wonder, exclusively for the Dairyland Shake Shop.

Don’t Miss the Magic – See You at the Wisconsin State Fair!

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