Elkhorn, Wisconsin

Situated in the heart of Wisconsin, Yunker Industries stands as a premier visual communications company, specializing in crafting and curating immersive in-store customer experiences. This expertise extends to both the retail industry and renowned national as well as global brands.

Yunker’s prior HTML-based website, while serviceable, fell short of optimizing web performance and securing a notable position within Google search rankings. Seeking a rejuvenated and uncomplicated aesthetic, an enhanced user experience, streamlined content management, and a steadfast presence on the first page of Google search results, Yunker set its goals.

Guiding Yunker Industries through this transformation, Crux devised a comprehensive strategy to tackle each objective effectively. By crafting a detailed wireframe, they elucidated the contours of the proposed digital customer journey, facilitating a clear visualization of the site’s forthcoming design and functionality. Employing their artistic acumen, Crux generated designs that encapsulated Yunker’s essence and direction. In an impactful shift, the website was constructed using WordPress, imparting Yunker’s team with the autonomy to effortlessly oversee updates and site modifications.

Yunker’s contributions extended to the content realm, where they provided the substantive elements of the site. This symbiotic collaboration between Crux and Yunker facilitated a harmonious blend of design and content that resonates with their target audience.

In summary, Yunker Industries’ evolution was masterfully executed by Crux, elevating its online presence from its HTML origins. The culmination is a website that seamlessly integrates appealing designs, user-oriented functionality, and a WordPress foundation that empowers Yunker to maintain and modify their online identity independently. This strategic alliance not only delivered on Yunker’s immediate objectives but also paved the way for sustained prominence on Google’s foremost search page.

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