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How to Save Money with Your Creative and Marketing Agency

We appreciate and enjoy working with all of our clients. But sometimes, if a client hasn’t worked with a marketing agency before or isn’t aware of how much marketing communications has changed in the last ten years, they may miss getting the most benefit they can from working with us. Here are a few tips that we hope will help you save money and get more value out of your relationship with your creative and marketing agency:

1. Know your brand.

This isn’t as easy as it sounds. If you’ve been doing business for a while, you probably have a well-established brand. When we say brand, we don’t just mean a logo or a slogan. We suggest your business’s unique personality. This includes, but isn’t limited to, what you sell, how you treat your customers, and why customers buy from you, remember you, and come back to you.

Yet many businesses have no idea what their brand is. They may know the special advantages they offer over other companies, but they’ve never thought of those in terms of marketing. The fact is that discovering and finding ways to present a client’s brand may be the most valuable service we offer.

Know your brand

However, before that can happen, we need to know how your clients see you, how competing companies market themselves against you, and how your employees feel about working for you. With this information, we can create marketing that attracts your ideal customer, counters the effect of competitive marketing, and provides employees with a standard for customer service. Without this research, any writer or designer working on your account is just guessing what to do.

If you’ve already invested in research such as analysis of the competition in your market, product user surveys, focus group results, etc., share this with us from the first so we don’t have to start from scratch.

Tip: The purpose of brand marketing isn’t to flatter your ego – it’s to position your products and services so they’re more likely to attract customers than your competition. That’s our goal and, we assume, yours.

2. Share your marketing plan and strategic goals.

How many more customers do you want at the end of the year than you had at the beginning? Who are the consumers most likely to bring you the highest return on every sale? What is your plan for reaching these people? If you don’t already have a plan, we can build one for you, but you still have to tell us what you want as the result.

Tip: Your marketing plan should be based on achieving a real goal, such as increased profits and/or brand awareness. Otherwise, it won’t get you where you want to go. And if your marketing isn’t designed to make you more money, what good is it anyway?

3. Tell us your budget.Discolse your budget to save time and money

For some reason, clients seem to think telling us what they want to spend on their marketing will result in them paying more. Just the opposite is true. If you tell us the limit of what you can spend, we’ll prioritize where to use the money so it gets the most impact. After all, if we create a terrific campaign that is out of your price range, we’ll have to redo everything. Since we charge by the hour, this wasted effort will cost you money.

Tip: Lack of money won’t limit the creativity or quality of our work. But lack of information and time to develop great ideas and executions may.

4. Take the time to understand the process and the deliverables.

Some clients don’t believe that marketing works. Guess what? They don’t own Coca-Cola, Nike, or Apple. All of those companies know that advertising is what puts them at the top of their respective categories.

We LOVE educating clients. We’re delighted to show you how we work and explain why we need information about your products, competitors, clients, and goals. Our goal is very simple: to help you get more business by telling your customers why your products and services can solve their problems better than those of your competition.

We do this by communicating with these customers believably and via the communication channels they are most likely to use.
Today, these channels are primarily digital—your website, social media, blogs, and banner ads. We’d be happy to discuss this with you so you can understand why building a website is just the beginning, not the end, of your digital marketing communications.

Tip: At least some of your competitors reach customers through many channels. If you don’t match them, eventually, you may not be able to compete at all.

Save Money By Checking Your Emails!5. Read your email, schedule, and contracts.

We’re great believers in the written word. We ask you to sign contracts that outline what we’ll do for you, when, and for how much. We also send follow-up emails after meetings and phone calls to minimize miscommunication and maximize our usefulness.

Sometimes, clients feel that they’re just too busy to read our emails, schedules, and contracts. This may result in an unnecessary misunderstanding about design and copy changes, additions to the budget, and more.

Tip: Staying current on agency communications will reduce upset, eliminate stress, and keep everyone on track. So please read the documents and emails we send carefully. It will help us all.

6. Let us team up with inside talent, not compete with them.

Many clients have a marketing person on staff whom we work with and help support. The workload is often divided between this in-house talent and Crux’s creative staff, which works well for everyone.

But sometimes, projects that stray from the brand guidelines are done in-house. This may be a logo design change or a copy block with a different sound than agreed upon at the campaign’s outset. When this happens, the brand’s integrity is damaged, reducing its value. Trying to save a few dollars this way is self-defeating.

Tip: We regard ourselves as part of your company’s team and take this commitment very seriously. We hope that you do, too. If you want to keep a project in-house, make sure that it follows the guidelines we’ve all agreed upon. Otherwise, you’re not getting the full value of the work you’ve already paid for.

We hope this advice has been helpful. Our goal is to help you grow so we can grow with you. Please contact us if we can be of any further assistance—whether it’s developing a new marketing plan or strategy, building a website, creating a social media campaign, executing an experiential project, or providing copy and design for a print piece.

Thank you!
Crux Creative Team

Michele Allen

With over 30 years of design and marketing experience, I founded Crux in 2005, a 360° Creative and Marketing Agency, catering to Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and non-profits. Specializing in experiential spaces, museums, brand development, and digital marketing, I excel in crafting memorable experiences while emphasizing the significance of authentic brand communication. I offer expertise in Brand Development, Trade Show Exhibits, Museums, Corporate Spaces, Interactives & VR/AR, and Digital Marketing, committed to tailored support and guidance.