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We often get asked to help out organizations with donating our time to design event posters. Many of these organizations are trying to raise money to help others that are in need and do not have the funds to pay for the design services needed to put a great event graphic together. We love to give back, and when it is for a tragic cause and it involves our fellow CrossFit friends, we are always first in line to help. We worked with Sergeant Ackley of the Milwaukee Police Department to develop a poster and social media graphics to help support the upcoming event.

We have been very fortunate in Milwaukee to have not lost a police officer for over 20 years in the line of duty. Sadly, we have lost two of the finest officers in the line of duty in just a few months. It shakes the community and the fellow officers to the core. We lost Charles Irvine Jr. on June 7, 2018, after less than 4 years at the Milwaukee Police Department, and Michael Michalski on July 25, 2018 who had served at the same department for over 17 years. They both leave behind loved ones who struggle to understand why these courageous men lost their lives.

On August 12, 2018, a great event will take place at Bayview Park in Milwaukee, WI at noon. The event includes two continuous Hero WOD’s (workout of the day) or a 5k run. The first WOD is called “The Irvine” and includes running, pushups and kettlebells. For the non-stop next WOD called “The Michalski”, it includes lunges, burpees and running. Lunch is being provided by Smoke Shack, beer is provided by Third Space Brewing, and headbands will be provided by Junk Brands. BrewCity Crossfit is providing support for the event, and of course, we are doing the graphics.

We encourage everyone located in the Milwaukee area to come and be a part of this fundraiser to help support these officer’s families. Register today here!

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The event was a huge success. It had over 250 participants and raised over $10,000 for the families. The event also made the local news.

Michele Allen

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