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Have you ever considered how many companies you come across in a single day? Forbes estimates that we see between 4,000 and 10,000 advertisements each day. For the most part, they don’t even catch our attention; we will drive past most of them in our cars and not give them a second thought. But all it takes is the right logo to catch someone’s attention.

That’s the power of branding. No matter which industry you’re in, increasing brand recognition amongst your target audience will lead to more sales. It will also help you to increase your conversions off of any marketing and advertising efforts. It’s a necessary piece of building a company and provides plenty of benefits to give you a leg up on the competition.


Every organization has a voice. To humanize and embody the values upheld within the organization, a company must have a voice. That voice is carried throughout the brand to unify all the elements of the branding into a cohesive platform. Here is where trust can be built. A voice that is trusting makes customers feel safe to spend their money and continue to do so. Personalizing the brand with a voice helps customers relate and understand the brand – ultimately making it more recognizable in a crowd.

People are far more likely to buy from an organization that is professional in appearance than one that is lacking. You never get a second chance to make a first impression, and a logo is often the very first impression of a company that individuals have. It is not hard to tell if a logo is cheap or professional, and people can make up their minds about a company without knowing anything about it except their logo. It takes just 400 milliseconds for your brain to process the elements of a logo, and not much longer than that for a conclusion to be drawn about it. Make it professional!


Business is all about beating out the competition. If a customer can’t pick out your brand when it is placed in a line up with every other business in its class, there’s essentially no competition. Whether it’s through the emotions evoked, colorful language, comforting promises, or even outlandish imagery, what sets a brand apart from others is what will help it get ahead of when it comes time for a customer to decide where to spend their dollars. By demonstrating the type of business it is through its branding efforts, competition can be kept to a minimum with other brands that do less of a job of exemplifying who they really are.

Long Term Value

One of the most important aspects of brand recognition is the long-term value it provides for the business as a whole and into the future. A notable brand with a memorable, distinguished, and appealing message can linger in a customer’s mind way past the actual point of purchase. Once the customer walks away or is not in the vicinity of branding visuals or audio ques, it must still resonate in their mind for future purchases and interactions to occur. Repeat customers stem from favorable brand recognition that draws them back from a previous encounter with the company to voluntarily have an additional experience with the business. A customer must be able to recognize a brand and remember its benefits to be able to return for more exchanges.

Lydia Andersen

I am an accomplished and well-rounded marketer with a strong history of achievement in high pressure opportunities, a change agent with the ability to analyze and solve business problems, identify causes and lead successful solutions from concept to creation, while maintaining impeccable customer experience, a branding aficionado with experience in both B2B and B2C marketing, and a champion of company culture, passionate about enjoying work, through committee leadership and by example.