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The Value of Testimonials

Credibility is of the upmost importance in nurturing relationships with potential customers. Testimonials from loyal customers is a great way to build trustworthiness as you approach new clients. They provide evidence of your abilities, dedication, and expertise and therefore can support your brand and its presence in your industry.

What and why? Testimonials are written or recorded (although, as we all know, video content is more impactful) anecdotal statements given by past or current customers that highlight the value of the product or service your business provides. They can inspire deeper interest and/or build trust in your business prior to giving any deliverables and underline your regular successes.

Don’t be shy. Don’t be afraid to ask for testimonials. Ask after positive customer experiences, after you’ve gone above and beyond for a client, after a constructive vendor meeting. Testimonials can come from your customers, partners, vendors, and even employees. In fact, having endorsements or references from many types of professional relationships will strengthen your overall reputation. Be on the lookout for opportunities to ask for them.

Optimize your content. You’ve got some written and recorded testimonials. Great! What next? USE THEM! Testimonials can be shared in your blog, or a dedicated webpage, in print collateral, press releases, digital signage, newsletters, and on social media. Share them whenever possible.

Successes build credibility and credibility builds your business. Make sure you are gathering those successes along the way to emphasize all the great work you do and let it work toward your growth!



Lydia Andersen

I am an accomplished and well-rounded marketer with a strong history of achievement in high pressure opportunities, a change agent with the ability to analyze and solve business problems, identify causes and lead successful solutions from concept to creation, while maintaining impeccable customer experience, a branding aficionado with experience in both B2B and B2C marketing, and a champion of company culture, passionate about enjoying work, through committee leadership and by example.