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Trade Show Exhibits

Trade shows can be one of your preferred target market’s most powerful brand experiences. That’s why the most successful B2B businesses spend 39% of their marketing budgets on trade show exhibits. But what if your budget is considerably less than that of the more established players in your industry? How can you create a customer experience that can compete?


We’ll work with you to make every one of your marketing dollars count for more – especially on the trade show floor!

Let us give you something to celebrate!

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Looking for a NEW approach?

We approach your needs very differently than your typical exhibit company – starting with your customer! We create displays designed to entice, intrigue and inform them. Our goal is to make your trade show exhibit and marketing program deliver serious results.

Our creative know-how is based on decades of award-winning experience in the exhibit industry, enhanced by extensive experiential 3D design, graphic design and data-driven marketing expertise. That’s why Crux, an experienced trade show company, can provide an innovative solution for every space, event, market and budget.

Let’s get started on making your next exhibit worth toasting to.

3D Design

Our team of award-winning 3D designers, graphic designers, detailers, digital marketers and account representatives is well known for building multi-dimensional exhibits that inform, intrigue and engage audiences on many different levels.  Creating beautiful 3D renderings, innovative lighting design and original audio/visual displays, we’ll enable audiences to experience your brand’s mission, vision and goals in ways that go far beyond. We’ll involve you throughout the process with computer-generated renderings that can even be presented with screen sharing capabilities.

Graphic Design

Trade shows can be one of the most powerful ways for customers to experience your brand. The imagery and messaging of your graphics is the first and primary way that experience is realized.You have less than six seconds for your graphics to attract, impress and communicate with your audience. Our award-winning graphic design team know just what to do in those six seconds to convey your brand’s personality and the benefits it provides. Whether you engage us from project conception thru installation, or to handle work done during one or two stages of the process, you’ll find Crux the perfect guide to ensure your exhibit achieves its goal.


Marketing and branding are critical to your exhibiting success. Pre-show planning and marketing can be the difference of just being at the show and getting serious results at the show. Let us help you with everything from pre-show mailings, landing pages, to promotional items and collateral material. We can help you deliver your company’s expertise at the show, then help you create a post show plan to follow up on all those new leads after the show.


We take every phase of exhibit production very seriously including overseeing the printing process from pre-flight, through sewing, finishing and more.  This ensures that all the graphics are consistently high quality in every detail including an accurate production of color to G7 specification. Our dye-sublimation printing and finishing produces vibrant six-color output over three meters wide using a fully eco-friendly process.


Trade shows can be a budgeting nightmare when marketing dollars are tight. Fortunately, if you opt for rented elements such as hanging structures, backwalls and accessories, we can create a cost-effective booth that is ideally suited for the theme, space and audience of each show you enter. In addition, we can also provide off-the-shelf, turn-key fabric-based solutions utilizing specialty fabrics, lightweight frames and innovative lighting to turn every booth into a high-quality display for a surprisingly low investment.

Custom Build

Crux Creative specializes in creating custom, three-dimensional branded environments for trade shows, museums and corporate installations. Every design is unique to each client and blends architecture, graphic design, lighting and other elements to realize their vision of the supreme customer experience.

Exhibit Rental vs Purchase

Not sure what solution is best for your needs?  Are you a small business or a business just getting started? You may want to consider renting. The cost of a rental trade show booth is approximately a third of the cost to own. By renting, you will have more money to put back into marketing and promotional items. Click here to get a more detailed explanation of the pros and cons of rental and custom trade show exhibits and let Crux help you decide what option is best for your exhibiting needs.

Management Services

With decades of experience in the tradeshow industry, we know exactly what is needed to manage your project from conception to installation. Perhaps more importantly, we are experts at partnering with our clients to ensure your priorities and aesthetics infuse every element of an exhibit. This includes managing your exhibit program, confirming show schedules, coordinating exhibit assets and services while keeping you informed of our process during every phase of your project.