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Why (and How) You Need to be Blogging

Here’s the deal: blogging is simple and can have a wide range of benefits for your business. Hosting and posting are a breeze, you can utilize your in-house expertise for content or work with a writer, and the potential is endless.

Blogs can help improve your SEO, position you and your team as the experts of your industry, direct new customers to your website, generate leads, and promote customer loyalty by being a trustworthy resource. A well-run and consistent blog helps promote and support your brand. They are a great opportunity to strengthen your brand voice and support your mission and values.

And, topics are endless! You can write about how to solve a problem your customers may face or a step-by-step process to guide them. Write about something tangentially related to your business that may attract new readers. Answer frequently asked questions, interview someone from your industry, or do a top 10 list. If you sell clothing, write about how to create a capsule wardrobe or the five pieces you must have to elevate your style. If your business specializes in home painting write about how to choose the perfect wall color and finish or why to spend a little more on quality paint. Hey, if you are marketing agency you could write about why to write blogs!

All jokes aside, maintaining and regularly contributing to your blog content is a simple tool every business has at their disposal. When in doubt, simply remember that your blog should be about your customers; helping, informing, and guiding them should be the focus. If getting started seems daunting reach out to us for some help!

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